is this going to be like t-ball? can i bring treats?

a couple weeks ago mike told me he joined our ward softball team. i snorted. then i looked at him. he wasn't joking.
me: "isn't softball for girls?"
mike: "guys play too."
me: "is it like t-ball? with the stand so you can hit the ball?"
mike. "no. they pitch it to you."
me: "oh. are you sure you can even hit a ball?"
he stopped talking to me. the season started. i missed the first two games for various important reasons (aka so you think you can dance and the fashion show) and mike would come home telling me how awesome they were and how they were slaughtering the other teams. so one night i went to a game. it was thoroughly entertaining. and our poor team got walloped by 20 or so runs. i decided maybe that particular game wasn't a fair assessment of mike's awesome softball abilities. so i recruited louter and we braved another men's softball game.this is louter (real name: lara) munching on what was supposed to be hot dogs and popcorn. but we re-established that hot dogs are vile and a bag of popcorn is for when you are feeling slightly depressed, have a good chick flick, and can eat the whole bag by yourself. so we settled for root beer float bars and brown sugar & cinnamon pop-tarts.

the husband getting a pre-game pep talk. pretty sure there was some grunting and chest bumping.

other team's pitcher. very intimidating.

photo of the day goes to louter, who captured the above gem. that's right, he's that good.

sigh. and then the camera died. but he really can hit the ball! you learn something new everyday.


that's right. i have an english minor.

reason #1 why i am an awesome designer: i have mad spelling skills.
(yes. these did get printed and almost installed this way.) impressive, right?


mike and i decided to take it easy tonight and grab a $5 pizza since the date for our monthly grocery shopping trip hasn't arrived yet. here is the tale:

mike walks into dominoes while i am in the car mapping out frozen yogurt spots. he sees a lone redhead at the counter. her name is felisha.
mike: hi. can i get a $5 pepperoni pizza?
felisha looks at mike. a few seconds pass.
felisha calls out: can i get a PEP? (dramatic voice inflection at last word)
felisha remains motionless behind counter. stares at mike. mike stares at felisha. mike wonders if there is someone in the store besides felisha. seconds pass.
felisha turns and grabs a pepperoni pizza from the stack of pizzas directly behind her and places it next to the register. rings up pizza. mike hands over the debit card (which should probably be hid from us until next month)
felisha: would you like a receipt?
mike (as he reaches for the pizza): uh, no thanks.
felisha's hand slams down on the pizza box. mike withdraws his hand quickly. felisha stares at mike. mike stares at felisha. more seconds pass.
mike: um. do i need to sign something else?
felisha: no. you are free to go.
mike beelines it for the door.
people are funny. sometimes i wonder if i create awkward situations like this. i think i do. but i hope people laugh at them. i can't seem to stop giggling about this. i think the giggling might also have to do with the fact that mike keeps saying "blarney stone" and "they're after me lucky charms" in an irish accent, in honor of jen-fen, who is currently in ireland. i think the lack of sleep from last night is catching up with me.



i'm lazy. and angie is a beautiful photographer. so our current new york extravaganzical experiences are being chronicled here. enjoy!
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