the eleventh hour

elder holland's talk this afternoon was the most perfect message i've ever heard.

(and i hope it doesn't snow tomorrow).



the past two days have just kind of been a gray blur of meh. school. meh. the weather. meh. every piece of news i got. meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh. i wish you could opt out of receiving some tidbits of information. no thank you please.

i've just been in a bit of a funk. it's probably because i haven't washed my hair in three days. you can judge me. just a bit of honest blogging, no pity party required.


frozen planet

new favorite show. it's on sundays at nine (as in right now) and it is beautiful and interesting and funny. who knew you could get so emotionally involved rooting for a penguin to outrun a seal?


too sleepy to think of a title

girls night. thursday. kaylene, angie, sharla, angie, lyns. i actually planned on taking pictures, and forgot my phone. just envision...
brick oven. a theatrical waiter, lemons & limes! crazy times, and we decided lyns needs a punch card for the er. especially with mollie. italian sodas at annie's, giftbags from kaylene, and chatting and giggling up until the last minute before midnight and heading to the theater. hunger games! the audience almost rioted when the opening scene to john carter started playing, i'm for gale - 100%, and the movie was excellent. not perfect, but pretty great. and the scene with rue. brilliant. the whole theater was sniffling.

finished project runway all stars while making stop motion props. what is the host's name? she's so meh. happy with the winner. loved the final shows. but project runway is no project runway without tim gunn. he's integral.

16 hour long haul non-stop filming and we wrapped up our motion piece last night (morning?). hooray! now to edit the thing. the akh sort of looked like a bomb went off. and today it's time to finish my bfa show, answer lots and lots of emails, and grab some cereal. it's almost spring. life seems so much more productive when it's almost spring.


living at the akh

our senior class is working on a sweet project right now about work+life+balance. right now it's pretty ironic since all of our schedules are so crazy trying to get the project done. my group is shooting a stop motion piece, which means for the last few weeks our mondays, wednesdays, fridays, and saturdays have been spent at the amanda knight hall clustered around a four foot table pushing pieces of paper one centimeter at a time for each photo. after ten or twelve hours of that your eyes sort of feel like they're going to fall out. below. our hardworking team (minus me and arien), the dreaded beach scene, and the commute scene that took fourteen hours. but cars are pretty adorable. final piece coming soon.

last night at dinner our nephew ry leaned over to mike and whispered, "don't worry, just pretend we're living in china." it's our new motto.


invitations and such.

i sort of put doing wedding invitations on hold last year since we were in new york and the posters/school/life has been busy enough. i still managed to get a few done though, and i took some photos last week to send to my cousin brittni since she's getting married in a few months and i need to prove i'm somewhat legit. ignore the inconsistent lighting - i'm no photographer. hopefully after i graduate i can get started doing more invitations. despite working with some craaaaaaazy people in the past it's pretty fun.


a goal.

i've been nostalgic lately. life changes so quickly, and all of the sudden i'm twenty four years old and looking around and saying wait a second... how did i get here? i wish i'd documented more. taken more photos. written more stories. but i never feel like i have enough time. so i have a new goal. i'm going to take fifteen minutes to write something everyday. even if it means ending mid-sentence to get back to the eighty-seven other things on my teux-deux list (so many hyphens. probably too many).

on friday night mike was up at youth conference. he's really the perfect person to be working with the fourteen year olds. since he was gone, i stayed late at school and then headed over to my parents to watch a movie. which means i fell asleep at nine and woke up an hour later to a downton abbey marathon. my parents have great taste in tv. naturally i started re-watching the rest of season one with them. until midnight. then one o'clock. then two. at two, my mom caved and went to bed. but my dad stayed up with me and we kept watching until five. five. it was so amazing. i really love my parents. (in high school my mom and all my sisters were obsessed with gilmore girls. the new episodes aired every tuesday night, and if we didn't watch it tuesday she would call us as we drove to school on wednesday and tell us to turn around to come watch it with her. best parents.) and then after my dad went to bed at five i went home and showered, grabbed a bowl of cereal and some girl scout cookies and headed back to school.

oh, school. we are so close to graduating. mike's been busy, i've been busy, and as excited as we are to reaching the finish line, i'm also getting a little bit sad. i'm going to miss my projects, my class, and my professors. i wish everyone could go through the bfa.

i ordered six boxes of girl scout cookies. they reside by our bed (my side of course) and greet me happily every morning. two thin mints, one samoa. favorite new breakfast.

the neon has a new trick. if i lift my foot off the brake just right when it's idling at an intersection it dies. dead. gone. the first time it was a little surprising, but now that it's happened a few more times it's made me a much more attentive driver. keeps you on your toes.

for about three hours last friday we reached our new savings goal. it was so exciting. but we only met it by about $6 so when we had to buy gas later we dipped below it again. but still. dave ramsey would be so proud. and then he would probably tell us to buy bikes to save gas money. problematic, since mike doesn't let me ride a bike. too fearful of other's safety.
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