i've had glorious visions of real posts with real pictures backtracking all the way to the middle of last october. the reality is, my fancy teux-deux list has a never ending stream of items that magically reproduce and have babies when i turn my back for one second. but i'm on my "get things done NOW" sleep schedule (ten - three) i just ate a giant chocolate chip cookie with my second bowl of cheerios and i'm in a writing mood.

things have been chaotic lately. in every aspect. towards the middle-endish of november we had a lesson in relief society about trials. the gist of it was about having our perspectives widened and gaining more thorough knowledge after experiencing things that are hard for us. and i sat in my chair and i nodded my head and i thought 'yeah! go trials! we need them!' and  then of course we got some bad news. followed by more bad news. followed by really bad news. oh life, you're so fun sometimes.

we are in our last semester at byu. double-april-graduation! apparently this has caused my mind a lot of subconscious stress. i have recurring dreams about not actually being able to graduate. they range from failing classes (rational) to my boat (?) not making it on time to hand in paperwork for the required and quite large, seuss-esque graduation hat (clearly i'm watching too much toddlers and tiaras. it's tainting my expectations).

which means that come april our lives are a giant, looming question mark. it feels like we're getting ready to jump off a cliff. only i think we will hold hands, which we wouldn't actually do if we were really jumpers, because mike informs me at least once a week that he has far superior survival skills. it's one of the reasons why i never make an appearance in his dreams (usually war-based); i die too fast.

my biggest hobby lately has been making the most random posters you can imagine. i thought i got a few oddball requests before, but it's nothing compared to the onslaught of the last three weeks. and it all started with this print that i made for a couple i sponsored (the best in the world! they really are my favorites i've ever worked with) that was an inside joke to them.

 i didn't know they were going to post about it, but once it launched into cyberspace i knew i was done for. in one day, i had fifty requests for custom posters. i usually average 10-15 a week. so.... it was quite the jump. and it hasn't slowed down since. (the most ironic part about it was that the post happened the day before the semester started, right as i was wrapping up the last few emails to have a cleared inbox for the first time ever. it's been fun though. loooooooots of work too). but the requests! i'll have to do a separate post. there are just too many.

and then there's mike. the source of all sanity. i think i'm driving him crazy with all my what ifs? about our future, but as one of my friends put it the other day "he's a very patient man" who puts up with all the shenanigans and craziness. i remember when people would tell us when we got married "oh, just wait a few years, then you'll really love them" and i thought they were super naive because obviously we were THE MOST in love couple in the world and we'd already dated for years and clearly they were never as in love as we were (everyone else also felt this way, right?) but those people really knew what they were talking about. go figure.

enough rambling. off to work.
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