sugar makes the world go round.

my iphone alarms for this week.
and so much to do.


boomerang kids

free labor summer: the sequel.

i know i talk a lot about myself (or just a lot in general. my poor family. they usually hear every story four to ten times. ten times only if i start with one person and then they keep trickling in so i keep re-telling. we've got lots of people around, and naturally in my mind they all have a burning need to know what's going on in my life at all times).

but let's talk about mike. because he is awesome. and people like y&r (the ad agency, not the young and the restless. although he would make an especially attractive soap opera star... italian style) want him to intern for them this summer. so we're going back! i can taste the coco helado already.

and the crazy thing about it this time around is... we don't really have a timeframe. we could go and stay. or become vagabonds. or move to milwaukee. or join occupy wall street. or join a circus.  nope. we would never do that. i started reading water for elephants. not happening.

we're almost going to be grown ups. and we both have semi-real professions. next step: get brave enough to order pizza over the phone.
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