introducing: ryan

he has lived approximately 6 houses down from my family for 15 years.
he likes golf.
and funfetti cake.
and my older sister jessica.
and as of last night is about to become the newest member of our family.

graham cracker contest '09


1 hour time limit
use whatever is on the table
must use graham crackers
must also use the runny, in-adhesive icing to hold everything together (no offense kate, it was the recipe, not you) it was the x-factor. it made things intense.

steve & lou
jess & ryan
me & mike (we dominated)
jen & jord
jeff & syd
and kate. who was brave enough to go solo.

kate was little tricky. the front was neat and tidy and structurally sound...

and then the back was BAM! in your face gumdrops. with a snowman for good measure.

jeff and syd started by building the tiniest midget house possible (for lou we assumed).

and then threw everyone off by going vertical. (don't breathe, it's not too stable).

my side shot was super blurry, but it was less than 2" wide. very impressive.

steve and lou built a home for suicide gummy bears

balcony or diving board? you decide.

ryan and jess went modern / contemporary. it is called "the Graaaa-Hom Craquer."

jen and jord went a little tim burton on everyone

check out those creepy marching snowmen

and cannibalistic gummy bear trees

and then there was us. i almost feel bad for our sheer domination - that's right lara - we totally won!
all credit due to monette and her first class supply of sprinkles, sparklers, and pretty much everything else under the sun. we love you monette!

we had bigger, grander plans to make it a more authentic fenway, but the one hour time limit killed us. just wait until next year...


country singers. fail.

you know that song by tim mcgraw, "live like you were dying?"

well, i feel like i'm dying today. and i wouldn't wish it on anyone. even the boy who stole my awesome atrium the last day of third grade.

(and yes, i do know what the true meaning of this song is. but i am in a foul mood today.)
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