helping out

per my post last night, if anyone is able to help there is a donation fund set up for the triplets. you can email  nicolezwerin(at)yahoo(dot)com for the address if you would like to send a check to nicole (the friend who requested the print), or a Paypal donation can be sent to her at that email. if you would like to donate some other way please email her. so far they have been able to raise $4300 for the babies and any other donations would be sincerely appreciated.

if you want to read more about meghan and see her adorable triplets you visit their blog at http://mbjmaybebaby.blogspot.com/.


sad, sad, sad

believe it or not, i am actually putting posts together about the missionary madness + wedding. coming soon.

until then... here's a sad story i just can't stop thinking about.

this week i got an email about doing a custom poster for someone whose friend had passed away kind of suddenly. it gets sadder. she left behind a husband and the cutest triplets that just had their first birthday a few weeks ago. this friend had been diagnosed with cancer five years before (three weeks after her wedding!) and had been battling it on and off. she wanted to do a print to hang in the nursery and remind the triplets of their brave and beautiful mom. the quote is christopher robin talking to winnie the pooh, and it sort of breaks my heart every time i read it.

cancer is the worst.
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