the best surprise

this would be my work desk while i try and sort out which posters go with which order. 107 posters to be exact. mostly due to this surprise post by nie nie last week. i wish someone had been around to hear my yelp of excitement when i saw that link. but, alas, it was 3 am and only my shiny laptop and my magazine assignment were keeping me company. but i couldn't have asked for a better christmas surprise. i love that lady.

in other news, i desperately need a haircut and color. but i feel like sitting in a chair for three hours to pretend like i am still a blonde is a little much.

also, i spent six hours making monogrammed soap last week. oooooooh the adventure. but definitely worth it when my bald professor told me he heard it contained a miracle cure for baldness and was using it diligently and saving the other half for my other bald professor.

mike turned our gingerbread house into a barracks. he also grated the chimney with a pretzel ("no creepy old men will be popping through our chimney"), mounted some weaponry to the roof, and caged a chocolate santa in the front yard to ward off other... enemies? mike is too awesome sometimes.

and now, i will finally start catching up on all of your blogs :)


wish lists

i have some very talented friends. and if anyone needs some unique christmas gift ideas for this year, let me give you a few...

adorable treasure hunt necklace from kat's store katch1

rose drop necklace, also from katch1

panda bear hat from rachael at her talk2thetrees shop

aspen necklace from rachael's treetalker store

and hopefully kendahl re-opens her pomegranate & pink shop soon because she has amazingly cute hair accessories :) anyone else have a store i don't know about? i'm always looking for new products to drool over.
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