the bfa diet

when you live in a classroom/lab for days on end it's really easy to forget to eat. our class decided last year to take turns bringing food so no one would pass out from hunger during a critique... or turn to cannibalism. between classes, work, and sweating over deadlines, sometimes it's the only food you eat all day.

yesterday we had bananas, the most amazing cinnamon yogurt covered pretzels, pringles, and mr. keebler's elves. nutritional, filling, and delightful.

i think i will sing some mighty big hallelujahs! if all 16 of us manage to survive until next april.


viking pride

the past few months our friday nights have been spent cheering on jeff in his last season playing basketball at pg. they've had a really up and down season, with some terribly close losses that left everybody a little broken hearted. last night was senior night, so it only seemed fitting that the game ended like this:

with a three point shot thrown up at the last second. goooooooo vikings! if only our soccer team could have pulled some wins like this back in the day... now that would have been miraculous.

and one shot of my lovely mother and jeffy, for good measure.


a jolly good fellow

24! jack bauer. and, after last week, mike's official age. i was waiting to post until after we finished the birthday extravaganza, which included seeing the way back, but who knows when that will happen so up goes the post anyways. we celebrated his birthday with lots of cake and ice cream, lots of family, and lots of time at nordstroms buying new shoes. very shiny new shoes.

i sure love mike. he makes excellent brownies, is insanely funny/has amazing dance moves, and he's the most genuine person i have ever met. i'm so lucky i get to tag along with him forever.


ok friends, what did we learn today.

1 - do not post things when you are feeling anything other than neutral. ie, sad, frustrated, annoyed. you will regret it.

2 - the internet is so. insanely. fast. and connected.

3 - i have wonderful and overprotective friends and family.

4 - lillie is wonderful and nice and talented and i think we should all visit her blog and leave her a nice comment :)

5 - alexandre desplat is an amazing composer. totally unrelated to this post, but very true and you should google him.

maybe it's better not to blog when i am a little bit annoyed.


this morning i found this link.

what an adorable nursery, right? and the good morning sunshine print looks awfully familiar too...

but she didn't buy it from me. it was ripped off. this has happened a few times in the last couple months and it's a little bothersome. i'm flattered that people like the prints, but creative thievery is the worst kind of insult in an "i like what you did but it's not worth it to pay you for your work" kind of way. sigh.

(can i add that she is a photographer? another creative professional. she should know better. but i would rather not have anyone comment on her blog. i'm not calling out the pitchforks ;)

not sure there's anything i can do (should i send her an email? nothing nasty, just a little head's up sort of thing?), but after an invitation job gone wrong last week where there is still a balance that is probably coming out of my pocket i am feeling a little on edge.

on the bright side, i am about to eat a cake bite. so all is not lost :)

*edit: so... some of you went and commented on her blog anyways, and she added a link to the site*


i thought i was clever, and then i walked outside.

yesterday i faced a dilemma of epic proportions. no jeans. in a stroke of (supposed) genius, i pulled out a pair of capris. thought process: capris + boots = 1 new pair of jeans for the girl who does not do laundry enough. no one would ever know... except the three inches of bare skin between my sock and capri. the minute i stepped outside the wind whipped straight through my boot and frosted that exposed skin. it was like wearing ice packs around my ankles all day. utterly foolish.
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