I appreciate when people take their job seriously. Really.

But not today.
I have a class at 7:00 in the HFAC. Usually I have to cut at least four people off to get a parking spot in the HFAC parking lot, and even then I usually have to vulture around the lot for ten minutes before I find a spot. Today? A pleasant surprise. A half empty HFAC parking lot. Hoo-rah. I pull the Neon into the first row, grab my stuff and hop out. I am then approached by a short man in a strange and slightly ridiculous uniform.
Ridiculously dressed short man: "You need to move your car."
Me: "Huh?"
Short Man: "I'm patrolling and will give you a ticket if you don't move your car."
Me: "But it's seven. The lot opens to students at seven."
Short Man: "It's ten to seven. You need to move your car."
Me: "But it's ten minutes. And then the lot opens."
Short Man: "But it's not seven. Move your car."
Me: "But my class is at seven."
Short Man: "Well park your car somewhere else and walk fast. You should make it to class on time."
Me: "But now it's only five minutes. It's almost seven. There are a million other students parking their cars RIGHT NOW."
Short Man: "I'm going to give you a ticket. Move your car."

So I moved my car. And the little patrolman watched me the whole time. So I made sure he saw me when I parked the Neon approximately ten feet from where I first parked my car, but in the MOA parking lot, in the faculty only section. And I stuck my tongue out at that guy. And then I walked into class - which my teacher cancelled. He would.


hello world.

we have arrived.
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