this one time, martha totally walked past my desk.

and... that's the whole story. but she is having lunch with all the interns next month so i'm preparing daily with flash cards. i'm already making a list of questions i should ask... mostly i really want to know who actually updates her facebook account and twitter. does martha even know her own login? and i'm counting on the girl who asked the vp of merchandising last week so what's going to happen when martha dies? to deliver another bombshell question at the lunch. i can only imagine what she's going to come up with.

on saturday the weather was so beautiful. we packed a picnic lunch for the park and watched a co-ed softball game. i would try to explain how entertaining watching the game was, but i think co-ed softball explains it all. after, the boys played catch and ang and i headed over to the met to see the alexander mcqueen exhibit with her friend joanna. we knew it was going to be crowded, but we ended up waiting in line for almost two hours to get in. they don't allow pictures (and they are serious about it too. i almost saw a man get tackled. not kidding) but here's a little snippet of what we saw (all stolen from the mysterious workings of the internet).

it was kind of amazing. the shoes were insane. by the end, all i could think of was project runway. come soon july 28th? please?



sometimes i text mike and ask him how his day is going. sometimes i get a "i have a confession..." text followed by this
or this. that boy.


life at martha

on my first day at martha my true love gave to me....

just kidding. but it has a nice ring to it.

day 1 i did get a sweet swag bag complete with a martha mug, martha slicker (should have had that last friday when the heavens poured buckets of water on my head) loads of every magazine they publish, and a sweet id tag. that looks like this:

and it gets me in the door everyday. i was super nervous the first day. i made mike walk me right up to the revolving glass door. he held my hand the whole way... kind of like a kindergartener. they take a million and five (fifty) interns every summer for their bazillion and two departments so there were plenty of other nervous looking girls to ride the elevator with. we went through orientation where we learned about the lovely martha and answered pop quizzes about the names of her dogs (ahem: sharkey, francesca, and ghengis khan). i also learned after multiple tests that it takes the drinking fountain exactly six seconds before the water gets cold. the only semi-embarrassing thing i did that day was let my greasy plate fly off the rooftop at lunch. but only half the people were watching, and i didn't actually dive after it, which had been my first instinct.

i'm interning at the living magazine. it's amazing. i was excited for the experience, but i didn't really understand how awesome it was going to be. so far, the worst part of the job is smelling the recipes being concocted in the test kitchens while looking at pictures of glorious food all day long. but occasionally you get to eat some of the food. like today, we got cake! yes, please. oh martha, you had my heart at 'toasted marshmallow cupcake'.


the big fat loud crazy apple

we've arrived! well, technically we arrived two weeks ago, bright and early. so far, so good. minus the crazy man who followed us for a block screaming about whites making black people suffer, suffer, SUFFER! let's consider it a very enthusiastic welcome to the neighborhood.

a gigantic happy thanks to klane and angie for letting us stay with them while we're here. they are the best and will be sainted i'm sure. we will at least build them a shrine before we go. mike is handy with things like that.

for the first little bit until i started at martha mike and i wandered around trying not to look like deer in the headlights and perfecting our sly maneuvers to turn around when we realize we had been walking the wrong way for a few blocks. we got pretty good at it. we managed to see a few things that we hadn't before, and my documenting skills are pretty terrible. i only took pictures at the library and museum of natural history, but we'll live.

last week ang and i went and saw memphis. we got student rush tickets and ended up on the front row. ooooooh it was awesome. we were so close we could touch the stage and see the spit fly. during the standing ovation, montego glover looked right into our eyes and smiled and we almost hopped up on stage with the cast to dance our hearts out and belt the final note. which would have been really easy since we are both really tall and our faces were about two feet from their faces. it was awesome. and now, pictures.

memphis! definitely recommend. below, the public library. oh, swoon. that place is what i imagine heaven to be like.

i suppose that's the end for now. i'm really needing a bowl of cereal. up next, life at martha!


spreading goodness

i was happily overwhelmed with the response i got for 'the perfect motto' print. i know my grandma would first be embarrassed that such a fuss was being made about her, but i think she would also be really happy that so many people were going to be displaying that saying in their homes. so... thank you! three cheers for spreading a little goodness. it has been a beautiful project for me to work on this past week.

in other news... we are officially packed and sitting in the airport waiting for the redeye to new york. whenever i hear redeye i think PEN! lookout! even if the guy in that movie was evil. having a pen stabbed into your throat just doesn't seem pleasant for anyone. that movie is terrifying. in fact, most airplane movies are terrifying.

also, i got a haircut. straight across bangs. am i late with this trend? only by a few years. (i still haven't gotten my head around leggings. maybe when they resurface in twenty years.) but the bangs. they made me remember when i was six and always felt like my bangs were cut too short. i would walk around with my eyebrows raised because i thought it helped. common sense is not something i have an abundance of. 
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