in 6 days...
called a senator to get jen-fen back
welcomed her home with open arms
failed a religion test
strung a million feet of doilies
welcomed a brother to our crazy family (yay lara + bryce!)
cried happy tears
lit 200 candles
ate lots of waffles with lots of out-of-town family
listened to jeff give the sweetest farewell talk
listened to jen bear an amazing testimony in spanish
cried again
hugged my little brother really tight
waved goodbye to him for two years.

it's been an amazinglystressfulfabulousoverwhelming week. i'll put pictures up. eventually.


dear argentina, please give my sister back.

i have four sisters.

one sister is getting married on friday.

another sister was supposed to come home from her mission today, but argentina is holding her hostage.
her original flight from buenos aires was cancelled late last night. when we found out she wouldn't be home this afternoon, it sort of felt like how the whos felt the morning they woke up and saw that the grinch had stolen christmas, (the part before they started singing). then the real fun news came this afternoon, two hours before her new flight was scheduled to leave.

she lost her passport.

no passport, no flight. which means she is still sitting in buenos aires when she is supposed to be COMING HOME. we've missed her, a lot.

and we really need her to be here for this wedding. everybody cross your fingers and say a prayer, ok? and if anyone knows anyone at the u.s. embassy in argentina, let them know that a really funny, pretty hermana who's still wearing a black name tag will be paying them a visit real early tomorrow and if they could ship her home asap it would be much appreciated.


three years

Michael and Sara from Ryan Hinman Films on Vimeo.

and it's been so awesome.

also, i loved our videographer. he is so fantastic and i would recommend him to everyone. you can check him out at ryanhinman.com
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