feelin the love

this is us the night we were engaged. i think we called everyone under the sun. happiness.

i am 22 years old today.

it has been a good day. so good that i might have cried a little. because what else do you do when you are doused with emails, texts, phone calls and happy thoughts from people you love? you have a happy cry. and then you say a little pray of thanks.

life is a wonderful thing.


dear j. crew,

please only notify me in the future if you are having a real sale - no more of these fake sales you have been trying to lure me to your site with. i have two suggestions i think might be helpful in convincing me to bust out my locked up credit card and splurge:
1) mark things down to under $75 every now and then (idea: not everything has to be made out of cashmere. just a thought.)
2) throw in some of the actually cute regular priced items in once in awhile too. i have been stalking the same sweater for six months and it has not budged one cent.

i still love your coats,

p.s. i can buy the same flats you have for sale for $99 at target for $20 and sharpie j.crew on the inside. and i will. but know i will be back drooling over your site again tomorrow.


i should blog surf with the husband more often...

i'm trying to blog with more photos. even if they are old and have nothing to do with anything. like this one.

as i was perusing my usual blogs today mike came over and peered at my screen. i was looking at a friend's blog who is expecting a baby and has the baby countdown [you know the one where the baby bounces from side to side in the "womb"] along the sidebar. mike's reaction:

"I hate those fetus tickers."

i am still laughing. i hope i'm not the only one who thinks it's funny. and for the record, i like the fetus ticker.


dave ramsey says americans are like monkeys.

well. sort of.
after my last post i became very curious. obviously i don't understand finance. which is why the idea of credit cards didn't make any sense. so i started doing a little research. i read a few books, opened up the very trustworthy wikipedia, and ate an ice cream sandwich. and i became a bit more knowledgeable. and i highly recommend this book. most of his principles line up exactly with what the church teaches, and it made mike and i sit down and set up some financial goals so that we can make millions. and i'm not joking, we want millions. to save humanity of course :)


call me naive...

we just got our first credit card. it's silver. it's shiny. it's smooth. it's SCARY.
let me tell you.
we paid our rent with that sleek little platinum card this month and we just got the bill. we owe approximately $21.00 on December 25, 2009. that is around 1/30 of our actual rent. my mouth dropped to the floor.
no wonder the average household in america has $10,679 in credit card debt.

my card is now in a very safe place.
i am not touching that thing with a ten foot pole.
i prefer our previous method of "no money, no spending."
any alternatives to building a credit history?


i will probably be a cat lady

i was cleaning out my purse and pondering tonight. (yes, cleaning my purse out takes so long that i have the time to ponder things) and it led me to think of the following scenario:

say i am walking along the sidewalk and i pass out. blacked out. cold. probably due to a sugar overload. say that i just so happen to have my wallet with me (the first clue that this scenario is highly unlikely) and some kind stranger decided to help - or rob - me. i wonder what they would think as they rifled through the stuff in my oh so trendy seven years ago American Eagle wallet:

1 - a fifty cent piece (+ thirteen cents)
2 - 4 earring backs (where are the earrings?!)
3 - my official charter member card for the beanie babies club
4 - a drivers license that expires in two weeks (um...oops)
5 - a tiny plastic sample spoon from hello yogurt (who knows when you will run across a friend with ice cream and if they refuse to share because of germs voila! out comes the sample spoon)
6 - an investigator appointment card mike sent me on his mission
7 - my high school activity year (sophomore year - BAD highlights - too much eyeliner)
8 - an expired coupon for 20% off GAP
9 - a receipt from Family T's on Balboa Island where i bought a hoodie at 6:12:19 pm on December 29, 2007
10 - a buckle card with only 4 punches left!
11 - a yellow sealing card with info: michael madsen harding - october 3, 2008 - 1:00 pm
12 - huh. i wonder where my debit card is. it's probably in a cupholder in the neon. i hope.

i don't know what a random person would think, but i think i should clean out my purse more often. the good news is that now i can finally answer those awfully gross vikings at the end of the capitol one commercial.
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