one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind

hooray! mike was accepted into the advertising program! which means we are a little bit closer to that ever elusive graduation... but it's nice to be able to give a definite answer when people ask what our majors are. now if only we could answer the follow up question, "so when will you graduate?" honestly? we have no clue. i've been saying a year and a half for the past two years... so... april 2012? (cringe. that means i will have been in college for six years... oi.) cheers for being in the longest undergrad program at BYU!


a little shameless self promotion

Save The Date is being featured on Simply Utah today which means... you should check it out!


cause that's how we do it in provo.

hidden talents we've discovered while living in wymount:
1 - mike can strain green beans and / or olives through the cheese grater. since we don't have dishwasher, i'd say this qualifies as genius.
2 - i can drink two gallons of milk a week. by myself. no sweat. only 26 more to go before we get our free half gallon of creamery ice cream!
3 - i never scrape my windshield in the morning. i prefer to hit the washer fluid for five minutes straight. works like a charm.
4 - we have re-memorized the opening songs to saved by the bell and power rangers. thank you, cougar cable.
5 - we are picking up el portugues through osmosis. or very thin walls.
6 - we've met a lot of new people. unfortunately they are in the stock photos in our empty picture frames. we've just grown too fond of them to replace them all now... but they are great conversation pieces. ("who's this?" "beats me." or "what a beautiful couple!" "yeah we don't know them.")
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