we could be famous. well. michael anyways.

you know those celebrity look alike contests? i am going to submit michael. as him:


riddle me this

A group of flamingos is called a pat. A group of frogs is called an army. A group of rhinoceroses is called a crash. A group of kangaroos is called a mob. A group of apes is called a shrewdness. A group of cats is called a clutter. A group of owls is called a parliament. A group of larks is called an exaltation.

So... what do you call a group of lexus cars?

Lexuses? Lexi? Mini-moguls? michAel and i are officially stumped.


i need some ice cream and a disney movie

so beautiful. strongly recommend a pillow to squeeze and stuff your sobbing face into if you are going to brave this one.
thought-provoking. this is the kind of book where you can't cut the characters loose and they just float around inside your head for weeks. well-written. fabulous metaphors. i am anxious to see how it pans out but i doubt hollywood could do this one justice. (although they have surprised me before)
*warning: do not combine these two items in one sitting. have a light cartoon or laughing baby handy after finishing either*
nobody warned me. i read the book yesterday and watched the movie last night. i am still a bit weepy. but i would definitely recommend both. just not together. (unless you want your husband to spend all night scooting away so you won't cry on his pillow too)


welcome to wymount

*me: have you noticed that there is an oddly strange amount of unicycles in our neighborhood?
mike: yes.
me: why?
mike. i don't wanna talk about it. it's too freakin weird.

*(chatting with a VERY pregnant couple)

me: so when are you due?
prego couple: in about a week.
mike: that's cool. so how long have you been married?
prego couple: mmmm.... about nine months.

*we had a 15 minute mini-lesson in relief society about how to fill out tithing slips. it consisted of the following:
1. please do not make your checks out to God, Jesus, or THE LORD
2. please do not put money in the ward missionary fund. this is a married student ward. we have no missionaries.
3. please do not check "other" unless you are specifically told to do so. please do not make up your own categories to donate to. the church does not like this.
4. the ward choir does not have a fund

*since we live extremely close to the MTC and i see missionaries all the time last night i dreamed that i was kidnapped and forced into becoming a sister missionary. i ran away and found michAel living in a house with all of his missionary companions who dragged me back to the MTC and told me to eat my macaroni and cheese.


we are not spontaneous people, but...

until our trip to visit Klane and Ang in NYC. we may or may not have decided this at 6:00 on sunday night and bought our tickets at 6:15.


george banks is saying NO

yesterday i did something crazy. unexpected. unresponsible. and long overdue.

i clocked out. i picked up my keys. i grabbed my purse. and i walked out of work at approximately 12:45 pm with no intention of ever going back. i said no to the crazy workload of three jobs in one, babysitting employees who possess no work ethic and call in sick twice a week, and working late hours and missing classes only to be told the next day that i am not doing enough. NO. NO. NO. NO MORE. so i left. and i enjoyed a nice, long afternoon of gilmore girls and ice cream cones. oh. and i finally ordered wedding pictures.

today i met with my boss. we decided on a much better job description for me. i was a little surprised i was not fired on the spot. (i did have a backup though - it involved california and inflatable flip-flops) we held a meeting to let the company know that i am no longer the supervisor and will focus only on design. i had an ear-to-ear grin on my face all day. the world is a beautiful place.
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