fact: 90% of small businesses fail.

fact: people are rude and a little incompetent.

epiphany: most small businesses would not fail if they did not have to deal with people.

conclusion: will people be offended if we give them a personality test before we agree to work with them?


this post has no title. sorry.

background: I am the first counselor in the primary presidency (sidenote: we have 4 kids old enough to be in the primary - the teacher to child ratio is 2:1 - more on that later since it makes for pretty entertaining stories and I'm seriously considering renting kids for our primary program next month) anyways, our ward was having a Preparedness Fair today and had no one to man the "Kid's Corner" (aka babysit all the little kids). So naturally I volunteered myself... and Mike. And so the adventure began...

We had around 12 kids ranging from 8 months to 5. After the first twenty minutes we learned a) there was no way to keep the kids in the Kids Corner of the gym b) never underestimate the crawling speed of a baby and c) all kids will want the same toy at the same time. We had a good time though. I loved watching Mike hold a baby while taking requests to draw ninja turtles (you should have seen the detail on the weapons - this guy knows his stuff).

Towards the end we scooted all the kids over to listen to a presentation given by the fire department. Mike had a five year old little boy sitting on his shoulders so he could see better, and he starting flicking the kid's shoes. The little kid scowled at him and yelled, "Hey! Stop that! I don't like to be manhandled!"

That moment made the whole two hours SO worth it.


i should be assembling invitations...

but i started to type in "how to tell..." into google and became severely sidetracked.

have you ever stopped to look at the "suggestions" google gives you when it tries to read your mind and guess what you're searching for? you should. but prepare to be amazed by your fellow humans.

#10 on my suggested searches was How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you.

Check out the site here. I like to imagine that Dwight created it.

Next on the list is Why can't I own a Canadian? I'm really excited. I will let you know how it pans out.


we look better in black & white

one year ago...

and a year later...

on saturday we celebrated our first anniversary! it is hilarious to watch mike open presents - not even open them, just be around presents. he poked them a little when he thought i wasn't looking, and makes funny little humming noises right before he opens them. i think his favorite gift was his own cooking-ish brush. after months of trying to steal my paintbrushes for marinades he finally received his own brush, which he was slightly excited about :) he surprised me with an awesome mini-trip to salt lake to stay at the inn on capitol hill, which is definitely one of the coolest buildings we have ever been to. i secretly pretended it was our house the entire time we were there.

i love mike. he makes me a much, much better person. i'm so excited for everything ahead of us - except maybe watching the world series ;)


The Tooth Fairy aka ANNIE ROCKS ROSS

it's a christmas miracle! well. close anyways. mike has to have a root canal. if you are not familiar with BYU health coverage and the cost of dental procedures, they don't mix well. we were close to finding a cardboard box on the corner and nixing Christmas for the next five years, but Mike' sister Annie is AMAZING. she used to work at an endodontics office [dental-ish] and called in a couple favors. we are building her a shrine in our living room. we love you Annie! [and now we can buy you a Christmas present]
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