they better be good for your heart. not much else going for them.

today we finished the back-up's back-up box of cereal. plain cheerios.

that's the truest indication of how busy life has been lately. it's a sad day when you actually finish all the plain cheerios because you haven't been grocery shopping in... awhile.

lots to post about. but i have a few projects i'm dying to finish first. (christmas cards. dayna's posters! the latest invitations, etc.) don't give up on me yet.



a gift

*edit - they removed it so you can't play anymore - sad day*
i was shown this.
and was amazed.
so i am passing the love on.

go to: physics.byu.edu (browser has to be firefox)

once on the site, press the following:
up arrow
up arrow
down arrow
down arrow
left arrow
right arrow
left arrow
right arrow

and you should be rewarded with this:

feel free to play it once. or twice. or for awhile.
(if it doesn't work exit out of the browser and try again - and it does have to be firefox)
who else is excited that conference weekend is finally here? so excited!
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