i think i missed the boat...

call me crazy, but i thought father's day and mother's day were for, ya know, fathers and mothers. so i am a little confused at all the married people without kids who get each other stuff for these parental holidays. have i not been cashing in on a free gift? someone enlighten me.


marriage = free ice cream!

yesterday mike's cousin lauren was married to mike reid. lauren is amazing. she is beautiful and talented and so incredibly nice. she is also an impeccable party planner, so her wedding has been a highly anticipated event, to say the least. it was such a party! a great dinner, wonderful family, and a gorgeous setting. unfortunately i am only a half-hearted photographer without too much dedication. i missed getting pics of the bride and groom (how did that happen???) and of the epic dance performed by the bridal party as a surprise for lauren (AMAZING - hopefully it makes an appearance on youtube) and just thinking of all the details i missed makes me a little sad (the band, the gelato cones, all the crazy dancing, the ribbon wall...). but the most important part is that lauren and mike are finally married! now we just have to wait for kate to get married ;)

annie and i were lucky enough to get to do laur's invitations and all the paper pieces / signs for the reception. they should be making an appearance on the other blog soon. if the sun ever comes out so i can take some photos. all i have to say is this: three color letterpress!
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