credit where credit is due.

notice the new header? (up there ^) it was inspired by jessica hische, an amazing typographer / designer / illustrator. i used her typeface, buttermilk, which is a new favorite. i was introduced to her work through my artsy friend jana (who is also awesome), and now i will introduce her to you, so we can all be inspired together.

and the artist herself:

all her type is hand-drawn. hand-drawn, people. by her hand. (in case you fail to think this is anything short of incredible, go grab a piece of paper and just try some of those flourishes). she is currently doing her own thing, but used to work for louise fili. one of her projects is called the daily drop cap where she illustrates a letter everyday. and you should probably check out all these sites. they will give you enough visual loveliness for an entire week! (ok, maybe six days, but it's good stuff).


we went. we saw. we conquered.

and it was better than i hoped for. toaster strudels for $1.68! oh, winco. you make me swoon.


an actual update about our lives. shocked?

i was rebuked the other day for posting only random tidbits of information and no real facts. well. our lives are... predictable. but if you are dying to know, here's the rundown:

*mike works full time at byu. as of a week ago, i have a second job / internship at byu as well. we work in the same building which is kind of awesome. (it's a large building, we are in completely separate areas) i have a picture in my head of us skipping home from work together everyday, but i'm not sure that is in the near future. i would like to purchase a picnic basket first.

*my other job is still at signcity (going on 3.5+ years. go team!) and the other other job is the invitations. it's a pretty good mix.

*mike is dominating ward softball again.

*we are planning an excursion to st. thomas with klane, angie, and annie next month. goals before the big trip: sara - learn to swim; mike - lose the farmer's tan

*my biggest priority in life right now is to grocery shop at winco. it sounds life-changing.

*i got into the graphic design BFA! (separate post with photos coming eventually)

*we finally finished our indoor soccer seasons last week. it was a major letdown. we were in charge of the team and it was a chore to get people to show up each week + extra expensive to pick up the tab on the people who didn't pay. it was really fun to watch mike play keeper though, he's really good! our new goal is to start running this week (? did I just type that?) ha. we will see how that goes.

*our meal plans are finally branching out from cereal, burritos, scrambled eggs, and cookies. most of it is due to angie's lovely blog. so many good recipes!

*we love watching modern family. such genius.

and that's pretty much it. we're not expecting, we've killed every house plant and fish we've come in contact with, and we still love each other. how's that for an update? :)

in other news, hearing from this ^ sister missionary is one of the highlights of every week.


JOY: thy name be barnes and noble

i have been coveting these books from designer coralie bickford-smith from afar (via anthropologie) for my book collection. today we took lou and kate to barnes and noble to get some books for their birthdays, and LO AND BEHOLD, there were the cloth-bound beauties in the flesh! i scooped up as many as i could carry (8) and ran to find mike. he thinks it will be more fun (*read= budget friendly) to collect them one at a time. so i picked cranford, conveniently the only one of gaskell's books i haven't read yet. it rode the whole way home propped up on the dashboard, shining in it's lime green glory. this totally rivals collecting beanie babies.


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