I appreciate when people take their job seriously. Really.

But not today.
I have a class at 7:00 in the HFAC. Usually I have to cut at least four people off to get a parking spot in the HFAC parking lot, and even then I usually have to vulture around the lot for ten minutes before I find a spot. Today? A pleasant surprise. A half empty HFAC parking lot. Hoo-rah. I pull the Neon into the first row, grab my stuff and hop out. I am then approached by a short man in a strange and slightly ridiculous uniform.
Ridiculously dressed short man: "You need to move your car."
Me: "Huh?"
Short Man: "I'm patrolling and will give you a ticket if you don't move your car."
Me: "But it's seven. The lot opens to students at seven."
Short Man: "It's ten to seven. You need to move your car."
Me: "But it's ten minutes. And then the lot opens."
Short Man: "But it's not seven. Move your car."
Me: "But my class is at seven."
Short Man: "Well park your car somewhere else and walk fast. You should make it to class on time."
Me: "But now it's only five minutes. It's almost seven. There are a million other students parking their cars RIGHT NOW."
Short Man: "I'm going to give you a ticket. Move your car."

So I moved my car. And the little patrolman watched me the whole time. So I made sure he saw me when I parked the Neon approximately ten feet from where I first parked my car, but in the MOA parking lot, in the faculty only section. And I stuck my tongue out at that guy. And then I walked into class - which my teacher cancelled. He would.


  1. i hate retarded people. especially short people. i hate short people. stupid.

    p.s. i'm going to turn into a creepy blog stalker who comments on every post, what do you think?

    p.p.s. also, i want a new header. actually a new blog. we're going to switch over to reasonablyawesome.com. you should design it. not that you don't have a million other things to do. klane should do it. speaking of klane, thanks for feeding him tonight.

  2. Do you know how happy this makes me???

  3. (not the mean short man thing...the blog thing)

  4. what a Jerk! I mean really, he is taking his job way way way too seriously!

  5. Sad story. I haven't seen you in so long and I hope everything is going well for you both!!

  6. Life is WAY to "short"!
    Love your blog.


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