because we are going to get matching bowl cuts and commit petty crime mondays through thursday to buy a helicopter

husbands are a great idea. i think everyone should have one. michAel is particularly awesome. here's why:
he can say "SARAAAAAA" exactly like the triceratops dad on land before time
he is a mind reader. when i say "hey mike, ever thought about" he cuts in and says "no. i don't wonder what our kids are gonna look like."
when i have a really awful day and am being overly dramatic (been happening alot this week) he buys daylight donuts, not flowers.
he memorized princess bride when he was five and can still quote it. our first child might be in danger of being named humperdink.
he thinks it's normal to want a taser and a cattle prod when we are walking across campus, in the line at the grocery store, at the mall, or any other public place full of humans.
when we make a sharp turn in the neon he makes machine gun noises like Snoopy.
he doesn't mind that i keep junior mints and cheez-its under the bed for late night snacking purposes.
he wrote me every week on his mission. I have 113 letters to prove it.
he looks exactly like benny from sandlot.
we eat pop-tarts and chocolate covered strawberries for dinner and its ok.
he can fit his mouth around one of those HUGE red plastic cups.
he is an amazing uncle.
once he got extra credit for having beautiful eyelashes. which is totally true.
he can ski in spandex and pose like jane fonda.
he is a terrible liar. his eyes go super wide and he stammers and then spits out a random quote from a movie, does his little finger flip thing, and changes the subject.
when i get frustrated and want to quit everything and move to columbia and smuggle drugs in the jungle he says ok and starts looking online for flights.
he has 8 10-12 year old girls that are madly in love with him (our soccer team).
i am happiest with him.
he is the best person I have ever met.


  1. SARA!!! you guys are so cute, I'm so glad I found you're blog, now I can stalk you on facebook and blogspot haha. but really you guys are so cute, i'm glad you finally are married, cuz everyone knew it would happen someday. I LOVE YOU!

  2. sara and mike! we miss you guys! seriously lets do something soon, i love your blog. sara you might be the funniest person i know. you can look at Hayds blog if you want. You havent seen him in like a year so you might want to check it out. :) it's haydenbeatse.blogspot.com call me soon.


  3. i love you and i love michael and all of these things left me homesick but laughing!

  4. for the record, i would LOVE for you to come be unemployed with me! i would share my oreos and everything!


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