welcome to wymount

*me: have you noticed that there is an oddly strange amount of unicycles in our neighborhood?
mike: yes.
me: why?
mike. i don't wanna talk about it. it's too freakin weird.

*(chatting with a VERY pregnant couple)

me: so when are you due?
prego couple: in about a week.
mike: that's cool. so how long have you been married?
prego couple: mmmm.... about nine months.

*we had a 15 minute mini-lesson in relief society about how to fill out tithing slips. it consisted of the following:
1. please do not make your checks out to God, Jesus, or THE LORD
2. please do not put money in the ward missionary fund. this is a married student ward. we have no missionaries.
3. please do not check "other" unless you are specifically told to do so. please do not make up your own categories to donate to. the church does not like this.
4. the ward choir does not have a fund

*since we live extremely close to the MTC and i see missionaries all the time last night i dreamed that i was kidnapped and forced into becoming a sister missionary. i ran away and found michAel living in a house with all of his missionary companions who dragged me back to the MTC and told me to eat my macaroni and cheese.


  1. "Pay to the order of : THE LORD" Stop it. Stop it right now. That is awesome and not too surprising. I love Wymount. The scary thing is that none of these scenarios are that unbelievable. Oh what an entertaining place to live. Wish we were still there to be the other normal couple in the neighborhood. :)

  2. wow...people are amazing. once again, your post has made my day!

  3. That's hilarious. Wanna know a secret that's not really a secret? I was born while my family lived in Wymount, and lived there until I was about 3. Good times.


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