i think i missed the boat...

call me crazy, but i thought father's day and mother's day were for, ya know, fathers and mothers. so i am a little confused at all the married people without kids who get each other stuff for these parental holidays. have i not been cashing in on a free gift? someone enlighten me.


  1. I don't. No worries. I get Shawn a card so he feels cool too. :) Don't worry. :)

  2. AGREED. You do not need to celebrate until you are actually a parent. What the heck. If we are going to honor "future" fathers and mothers, then when does it start?! We're all future parents. We'd be giving the little sunbeam girls a carnation on Mother's Day after sacrament meeting. Ridiculous.

  3. People really do that??? That is hilarious. I even felt weird when Steve gave me a mother's day shout out when I was pregnant.


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