they better be good for your heart. not much else going for them.

today we finished the back-up's back-up box of cereal. plain cheerios.

that's the truest indication of how busy life has been lately. it's a sad day when you actually finish all the plain cheerios because you haven't been grocery shopping in... awhile.

lots to post about. but i have a few projects i'm dying to finish first. (christmas cards. dayna's posters! the latest invitations, etc.) don't give up on me yet.


  1. The only thing plain Cheerios are good for are babies. Blech.

    Hopefully things slow down soon for you! It's been quite the madhouse around the universe, it seems.

  2. pretty sure I love to eat that stuff as snacks. but not as cereal.. yuck. slow down! and then we can all get together for dinner :)

  3. All you need is honey and bananas and plain cheerios rock! Ok, maybe "rock" is too strong of a word for it... good. just a simple good. Sure doesn't beat Reeses Peanut Butter Puffs.

    Glad to know you didn't forget about me. HA. Can't wait to see what you've come up with! And Christmas cards? I'm excited to see those too!

  4. Hahaha - this is awesome because I eat plain cheerios every morning and I love them. I guess i am weird.

  5. Hello! You don't know me, but I am friends with Angie and I just wanted to tell you that your posters have transformed my kitchen! Angie is so great, and she gave me the poster colors that she did not use. Anyway, I just want to tell you thank you and that you are great! That is all.


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