the best surprise

this would be my work desk while i try and sort out which posters go with which order. 107 posters to be exact. mostly due to this surprise post by nie nie last week. i wish someone had been around to hear my yelp of excitement when i saw that link. but, alas, it was 3 am and only my shiny laptop and my magazine assignment were keeping me company. but i couldn't have asked for a better christmas surprise. i love that lady.

in other news, i desperately need a haircut and color. but i feel like sitting in a chair for three hours to pretend like i am still a blonde is a little much.

also, i spent six hours making monogrammed soap last week. oooooooh the adventure. but definitely worth it when my bald professor told me he heard it contained a miracle cure for baldness and was using it diligently and saving the other half for my other bald professor.

mike turned our gingerbread house into a barracks. he also grated the chimney with a pretzel ("no creepy old men will be popping through our chimney"), mounted some weaponry to the roof, and caged a chocolate santa in the front yard to ward off other... enemies? mike is too awesome sometimes.

and now, i will finally start catching up on all of your blogs :)


  1. Time to slow down yet? Much anticipated winter break, here you come? :)

    One of these days when things slow down for the both of us, we need to gather and have a Neon Club party. Lunch and cupcakes, for sure. Oh, and you pretty much need to take a picture of the gingerbread house. Correy got one for the first time this year and although it's still sitting on the counter in a box, I hope it turns out as entertaining as Mike's. LOL

  2. No way! I've been behind on blogs too and so I haven't been reading nie nie's - that's awesome that she posted about you! You're famous. :) Oh and I'll be ordering one of those from you in the next couple of months for the baby's room. :)

  3. Bahahahaha about Mike's gingerbread house. Why am I not surprised? I love it. And I am so excited you got such an amazing response from Nie! That woman. What would we do without her?

    Can't wait to see you SOON SOON SOON!!!


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