one of the reasons why my jeans are gettin real tight.

photos pilfered from ang.

we've found quite a few things we like about new york, but i think the one that holds the most sway in my little j. crew lovin heart is coco helado. it's most like an italian ice, and soooooo creamy. and it's only $1. plus, it's served with a kleenex! what more could you ever need? and those sneaky cart people park themselves at the entrance and exit of the closest subway station which means i have to try and resist it at least twice a day. my saving grace is that you have to pay cash, which i never have, since mike's official title in our relationship is "cash handler". he's self-appointed, as i'm sure you could guess.


  1. This is me being jealous. I would rob a homeless guy for $1 for that. I'm a terrible person though. ;)

  2. That's why you wear a skirt. It's easier to expand in skirts :)

  3. Deeeelish. Now imagine you live here all the time and you see why I am constantly paranoid about battling an expanding waistline.


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