opinions please.

i've had a really lovely cold this week that has resulted in watching a lot of terrible tv. like one tree hill. it falls into the it's-so-bad-it's-good category. and nothing goes better with poor acting than online shopping. this week the theme is furniture.

like this couch. i neeeeeeeeed it. the only question left before purchasing while it's like 72.89% off is which color?


or dark?


  1. Oooh I like light but I love them both.

  2. dark if you plan to have kids ever.... : )

  3. I say light just because I like throw pillows that are brighter...and I just like kind-of like lighter staple furniture better...although the dark is nice too.. and hey, we've had tan couches and they are still tan and unstained...but that has only been with one little girl....maybe I'll regret that when we have our little boy next, lol.

  4. DARK! With either red or yellow throw pillows, in chevron print. Or possibly turquoise.

  5. this is katie! 1st i love both but the comment above about having kids is true- the darker the better. 2nd where is this from? can i just copy you? lol I really really like it. And i watched one tree hill on netflix and then moved on to the new 90210. yikes. total trash and smut.... and yet highly addicting. what can you do?
    and ps the dark couch would look bomb with light pillows- white, blush. perfect!

  6. Hey Girl. Might be too late to put in my two cents but I love the grey. It just seems friendlier.


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