Why I am not particularly fond of wednesdays

Today. Work. I am sitting in my cubicle when three guys approach my desk and ask me to look at a book cover file because one of the lines is not matching up right when they print it. So I look at the job jacket to see who the customer is and groan out loud, "oh, HIM. I HATE his stuff." And then a very deep, scary voice from behind my chair says, "That's rude. Why do you hate my stuff?" REALLY?? Am I that dumb that I did not notice the customer himself standing behind my desk??? Yes. I am. And because I did not know what to do, I pretended like I didn't notice and sat for five minutes in strange silence while I fixed the file. And then, awkwardly I threw out, "Oh it's not you, I say that about everybody. Um. Ha. Ha." Good thing he's a little strange. I told him I had been battling a headache and he told me that I needed to imagine my headache was a great big flaming ball of neon green mass, then I should physically shake my head and remove the ball, zip it up real tight in a plastic bag, and fling it over the mountains. Weekend Countdown: 2 Days.


  1. woah. i love your stories but i'm sorry you have to experience them sometimes. haha talking about someone behind their back but in front of them is TOTALLY something i would do. and have done. more than once.
    also, i will miss YOU a lot. i think you should seriously consider relocating to new york. i'm sure you could find an equally crazy job to entertain us there!

  2. oh, sara! You make me laugh...sorry that it has to be all at your expense ;)

  3. ok actually it's funny you should ask about the llamas. because i just met the guy who founded the hari krishna sect here and built that temple down in spanish; i cleaned his teeth yesterday. he had a ponytail. he was crazy. anyway i asked him about the llamas, coincidentally, and i think he said it was $40 for a pair or something like that. he said kids take them hiking all the time. we should do it!! i should've asked him for some kind of deal since i provided such a great service by cleaning his teeth. :)

  4. How have I been missing out on all these posts!? You're a literary genious with outstanding comedic timing.


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