i love steve jobs

Dear Steve,
You are brilliant. Your computers are lovely. I stroke mine all day. Like a puppy. I think you should add that to your list of product features. Totally soft and stroke-able. Thank you for replacing my monstrous dell notebook that I accidentally spray painted powder blue during a moment of creative madness and that sounded like a steamroller whenever I attempted to open Photoshop. I heart you. And our new laptops. And I promise I won't let any paint near its silver shininess.


  1. I won't tell if you video chat each other from across the room because you prefer to interact with the soft glowing LED backlit 13 inch glass display—as long as it's a three way chat.

  2. YES!!!! VIDEO CHAT CAPABILITY!!!! I'm so happy for you and your new pets. They will love you as much as you love them, that is the great thing about apple computers. Just don't let them replace klane and i as your best friends. I don't know what i'm writing here, it is very late and I've had a long two days. I love you. Good bye.

  3. p.s. your posts are witty and hilarious and i love them. the end.

  4. YAY!! Now we can be blog creepies together lol the game was good, we won like 9 to 2? ish?? How was the baby?! :) I am SOOO glad you guys came saturday!! It had been SO long since we have seen you guys..that needs to change!

  5. sara! i found your blog off of angie's from her recent post about your friday night hang out sessions :)

    your blog is so cute and i had no idea how creative and artistic you are (not that i wouldn't have expected it of course....)!! your stuff is awesome. very talented you are. glad you are in the blogging world so i can come stalk you guys whenever i want.

    ps. your header is so cute. will you teach me your creative awesomeness so i can make a cute one of my own? i feel the need to spice mine up a bit as it is as plain as can be.


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