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one year ago...

and a year later...

on saturday we celebrated our first anniversary! it is hilarious to watch mike open presents - not even open them, just be around presents. he poked them a little when he thought i wasn't looking, and makes funny little humming noises right before he opens them. i think his favorite gift was his own cooking-ish brush. after months of trying to steal my paintbrushes for marinades he finally received his own brush, which he was slightly excited about :) he surprised me with an awesome mini-trip to salt lake to stay at the inn on capitol hill, which is definitely one of the coolest buildings we have ever been to. i secretly pretended it was our house the entire time we were there.

i love mike. he makes me a much, much better person. i'm so excited for everything ahead of us - except maybe watching the world series ;)


  1. Oh shoot!!! I was looking forward to it last week and I was planning on sending you a text to wish you happy anniversary and it would've been so thoughtful of me to remember. i really did remember. it's just then it was saturday and things were crazy and i sort of.... forgot. But HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Glad you had a good one. You guys are so great together. We love you. Also, it is really weird to me that you've only been married one year. I could've sworn it was two. I feel like you guys have just always been married. Haha.

  2. Yay! Sometime I will see you in the HFAC and we'll chat about how I always see your husband on campus and I never see you.


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