behold. a photo of my foot.

mike and i started playing soccer again on saturday. it was fun. until we started running. and then the fun stopped. very abruptly. i tried to trick my mind into thinking i was not actually running, but it doesn't really work out when your legs are burning. and jellified. and still moving. some people feel great when they run. i, however, feel three things: doom, despair, and DEATH.

other helpful realizations that occurred during the game were: 1) i currently have the leg speed and coordination of a baby giraffe, 2) a minor injury with blood (the blood is crucial) almost lets you rationalize why you missed eight wide open shots, 3) it has been far too long since my legs have seen the sun, and 4) mike is neither uncoordinated or out of shape. i would normally place this last one on my list of why the universe is completely unfair and partial to people with long eyelashes, but he does do the dishes every night, so i will let it go.


  1. Yikes! Remember when you had casts on both feet in highschool? I seem to remember this... oh and i'm pretty uncordinated also. That is why I claim artist.

  2. Oh my gosh you make me laugh.

  3. Oh Sara. That picture is gross. And I love you and Mike's relationship. Loved the last sentence. I just love you. Lets play a lot when I come.


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