lessons learned january 22 - 29

drench water, despite it's lovely packaging, tastes like watered down sprite. bleh.

dutch executives can be funny. then mean. then funny. then say the f-word.

i have the same jeans as a boy in my illustration class. wonder what size he wears...

my new typography teacher has designed for... anthropologie. squeal!

strange voices have the ability to enter our living room through the ps3... and it's completely freaky. (right ang??)

sometimes when people say mean things to you it still makes you cry, even if you don't want to.

haagen dazs amaretto almond crunch is a blessing directly from heaven.

i have an attitude problem. apparently.

it is never a good idea to make peanut butter toast without checking to see if you have milk first.

there is a fine line between a co-worker and friend. it's best not to confuse the two.

family first. always.

life moves fast. really fast.

i am happy with who i am. and i know that i'm not perfect. but i'm still becoming.

the obama / pelosi combo makes me a little nauseous.

and finally, for your viewing pleasure, a charming photo of myself frisbee golfing:


  1. Dear Sarah, you are funny, I love your blog so much.

  2. YES it is totally freaky! I hate it! And the voices never seem to be saying anything related to the game, which I thought was the purpose of being able to broadcast your voice into everyone else's living room. Apparently the purpose is for them to practice their singing or humming skills, to blurt out random words, and to make grunting or laughing noises. SO ANNOYING.

    I'm sorry if parts of your week were hard. That sucks. People should never be mean to you, you're the nicest person ever. I love you!

  3. hoping that co-worker isn't another way of saying 'business partner'....


  4. annie! i can't believe you would think that! i believe you fall under the 'family first' category actually :)

  5. you are right Family First! :) Love you Sar!

  6. I LOVE your posts...please post more often. :) ...for my enjoyment. ha ha!

  7. i get such joy out of reading your blog. truly.

    and....... about your last bloody toe post. yikes. if it makes you feel any better, the last time i played soccer with steve i looked way worse than a baby giraffe and had a handball two minutes into the game. albeit no bloody toe... i still looked like a complete bufoon.


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