remember just a few posts ago when jess and ryan got engaged? well, in typical utah fashion, their wedding is in just a few weeks (in their defense, jen is leaving on her mission 5 days after they get married so they do have a reason) and wedding-ness has begun! and it is going to be lovely. just check out these bridals, and her invitations.

isn't she pretty? and doesn't it explain a lot of my personality defects? it's hard growing up with a gorgeous older sister who also happens to be photogenic. because i am the antithesis of photogenic. example a:

anyways. i am very excited for march 26th. (anyone want to coach me on how to take normal pictures before then?)

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  1. WOW!! Jess looks gorgeous. I always have been grateful I had no sisters because I think I would've compared myself to them all the time. Good thing you are JUST as gorgeous and photogenic as any of your sisters. I took some pictures of you at your wedding looking quite stunning yourself. ;) I'm so excited for Jess and Ryan's big day! Can't wait to see more pictures. Think Jess would start a blog?


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