once upon a time...

there was a really awesome girl named sara.
who suffered from short term memory.
one day she signed up for an independent study class.
and then forgot about it.
until one day she received an email reminding her that the coursework was due.
in three weeks.
and then she remembered.
and cursed her over-achieving-january-beginning-of-a-new-year-i-am-going-to -be-so- accomplished-self.

once the class is done, and my bfa review portfolio is turned in, and the salt water taffy stash is replenished i will write an awesome post about all of the wonderful things that have happened in the last month.

until then, long live wikipedia and mrs. shelton for teaching me how to speed read.


  1. sara,
    you need to help me with my blog, it's terribly boring.
    and i love yours (=

  2. Dang!!! I'm so sorry! That sucks!

    Ha and Mrs. Shelton tried to teach me to speed read. I never really could do it.


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