this is the post where i explain what it means to "fly by the seat of your pants"

so the phrase actually doesn't apply. i thought it did, but then i looked it up. the phrase which best describes this semester would be "by the skin of my teeth." but i'm sure you can imagine what images those brought up.

one of the highlights of this week was when i found out the semester ended on wednesday, not friday. whoops. mild state of panic. it meant i had to take my independent study midterm tuesday (same day of this blessed epiphany ) instead of thursday so i could take the final wednesday instead of friday. zero prep. not a big deal, since everything was open book. i did the assignments and midterm by looking up every single answer. (not exactly proud of this, but little time = little effort)

i waltzed into the testing center this morning with my fat lard history of modern art book to take the final.

testing center girl (wearing a headset. this is important) : "fill out the scantron and don't write on the test. there is no time limit. and the exam is closed book."

no. way.

me, after a semi- cardiac arrest: "what???"

headset girl: "closed book. that means you can't use your book." (and she gets a headset why?)

me: "haha, oh yeah. ok. cool. closed book. i just brought it in case." LIE. complete and utter lie. i should have begged. oh please have mercy on a dumb blonde who can't read the fine print.

CLOSED BOOK?!? how did i miss that crucial tidbit of information in the course? OH MAN. i am toast. because you have to pass the final to pass the class. i started the test. the awful kind of multiple choice where A-D are options, E is all of the above, F is none, G is A and C, H is you shouldn't even try because you know nothing... out of 80 questions, i felt confident i knew 18ish. so i guessed. and then i turned it in. and held my breath while it was graded. they handed the results back to me.

i have never been so happy to see a D- in my entire life.

if i had missed one more i would have failed. because cutting it close is fun, right? (and still got a B in the class!)


  1. breathe a sigh of relief. in and out. get a big tub of ice cream and celebrate. you did it! way to go!

  2. Oh my gosh!! Sara, I love you. That was a great story. Moments like those are the worst. I am so happy you passed!! Now we should go on some kind of vacation to celebrate.

  3. haha wow Sara!! I loved the story and glad you barely passed!!! :) P.S. you should write a book! ..Just cus I love your writing and would totally buy your book. haha

  4. Oh my gosh.... I hate tests! I love art and art history, but as soon as the test is in front of me.. i forget everything.


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