JOY: thy name be barnes and noble

i have been coveting these books from designer coralie bickford-smith from afar (via anthropologie) for my book collection. today we took lou and kate to barnes and noble to get some books for their birthdays, and LO AND BEHOLD, there were the cloth-bound beauties in the flesh! i scooped up as many as i could carry (8) and ran to find mike. he thinks it will be more fun (*read= budget friendly) to collect them one at a time. so i picked cranford, conveniently the only one of gaskell's books i haven't read yet. it rode the whole way home propped up on the dashboard, shining in it's lime green glory. this totally rivals collecting beanie babies.


  1. I LOVE THEM! I'm going to play devil's advocate and tell you to get them ALL! (Sorry Mike.)

  2. those books are the bomb dot com. seriously. i'm jealous because right now my coralie bickford-smith book tally = 0.


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