credit where credit is due.

notice the new header? (up there ^) it was inspired by jessica hische, an amazing typographer / designer / illustrator. i used her typeface, buttermilk, which is a new favorite. i was introduced to her work through my artsy friend jana (who is also awesome), and now i will introduce her to you, so we can all be inspired together.

and the artist herself:

all her type is hand-drawn. hand-drawn, people. by her hand. (in case you fail to think this is anything short of incredible, go grab a piece of paper and just try some of those flourishes). she is currently doing her own thing, but used to work for louise fili. one of her projects is called the daily drop cap where she illustrates a letter everyday. and you should probably check out all these sites. they will give you enough visual loveliness for an entire week! (ok, maybe six days, but it's good stuff).

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