things i should have already posted about: part 1 - my sister's wedding

*pause* instead of waiting in the torrential downpour outside the temple we waltzed over to the lion house for the luncheon. an hour early. my great-uncle ken is one of my favorite relatives. he went exploring and discovered an employee folding napkins in a back room. naturally he volunteered lou and kate to help him out by telling them they got extra rolls at lunch. which may have been a lie.

jess and ryan's wedding was so pretty. it started with a beautiful sealing at the salt lake temple. when we went to take pictures outside it felt like a small hurricane moved through (no one should ever get married in march). never fear, we all came out unscathed and jess and ry still looked like models. one thing i realized going through these photos is how awful i am at getting pictures of important people. you know, the bride, the groom, their parents, relatives that fly from clear across the country...

the reception was gorgeous. her colors were black and white, and the arrangements had lots of bright green. the crepe bar was delicious. the candy tables had mini gummy penguins! and my favorite part of weddings is getting to talk and talk with people i don't get to see often enough.

and now we need to work on finding someone for lou...

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  1. You do know how unfair it is that in addition to being ridiculously talented in design and art, you are also an amazing photographer. Right? You are amazing. And I love you.


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