stream of consciousness

mike just leaned over and asked if i was going to write good things about him. and talk him up to my friends. the only thing i can think of is that this morning we had the worst goodbye kiss i can imagine. he didn't know that i had just brushed my teeth and i didn't know that he had been pounding sour patch kids. lets just say that it took less than a second for him to push me away and act like i had poisoned him - complete with convulsions. mint toothpaste + sour patch kids might be the worst combination in the world. anyways...

for the first time last week i read a class syllabus before actually going to class. so happy i did, because the first thing i read was that they weren't going to start taking attendance until september 7th. naturally, that meant yesterday was my first day of class. i knew we had a quiz on hinduism, and i forgot my book at home, so i let the internet be my guide during my lunch break. guess what, folks. wikipedia has not replaced actual textbooks - proved by the fat 20% i got on my quiz. kind of comforting that we still need textbooks, but problematic since i lost the book...

i'm doing my first official bridal fair this saturday. i'm a little nervous to talk to people and i haven't finished figuring out what my booth is going to look like, so my current plan of action is just to camp out under my table with my laptop and watch netflix. as long as i'm in the booth i don't owe them extra money for not showing up, and that's all that really matters, right?


  1. Dang, wikipedia is NOT legit? That just shattered my entire universe.

    I'm so excited for the bridal fair!!

    And your comment about netflix reminded me - FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! Thanks to you I am now obsessed. I LOVE it. Thank you for sharing it with me. My life is better because of you. :)

    I miss you. It was so fun when you lived with us. There are so many things I want to talk to you about!

  2. A bridal fair?! Our little girl is growing up, right before our eyes. :) Good luck! Those things are crazy. But you'll do awesome because your stuff is awesome. And thanks for posting because it reminded me I need to text you with the weirdest question ever.

    Also, we still need to do ice cream. I have B1G1 coupons for SubZero...


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