i still have posts about new york. technically, i still have posts about our fourth of july trip to boston... since i never did any. it seems kind of lame to put them up since i'm back home again, but they are just lurking half written in my posts folder and i think it would drive me crazy to delete them. so here we go.

martha is almost on the river in west chelsea. the commute wasn't too bad though. one block to the train, 5 stops to times square, transfer, 2 stops to 28th, and then walk 4 avenues. when i left in the morning i would hum to martha to martha to eat like a pig... strange? yes. and now i can't remember the words to the real rhyme. i usually read my scriptures on the way down and a novel on the way back. i finished a few books on my phone this way, and the strangest was dracula. kind of twisted. and super strange reading about men eating flies and sucking blood while you're riding the subway with some sketchy people...

the daily journey:

start in harlem - hop on the train - grab a seat - times square transfer - emerge from the subway - martha greeted me everyday. so thoughful, right? - a pretty church - chelsea school. cue to plug my nose because ten steps later it always smelled like sour milk - the highline... getting closer - a sliver of the building - hooray! made it! - the entrance.


  1. To market, to market, to buy a fat pig? Maybe? I am still jealous.

  2. I love it! Love these pictures. I had no idea you were out taking these! I thought I was the only crazy camera lady.

    And stupid scout camp, we will have to postpone our Thursday night FaceTime for Saturday night when Klane returns. I am a widow this week... wish you guys were still here to keep me company! I guess I'll have to fill my time with Project Runway, Friday Night Lights and Bachelor Pad. Haha. :)


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