too sleepy to think of a title

girls night. thursday. kaylene, angie, sharla, angie, lyns. i actually planned on taking pictures, and forgot my phone. just envision...
brick oven. a theatrical waiter, lemons & limes! crazy times, and we decided lyns needs a punch card for the er. especially with mollie. italian sodas at annie's, giftbags from kaylene, and chatting and giggling up until the last minute before midnight and heading to the theater. hunger games! the audience almost rioted when the opening scene to john carter started playing, i'm for gale - 100%, and the movie was excellent. not perfect, but pretty great. and the scene with rue. brilliant. the whole theater was sniffling.

finished project runway all stars while making stop motion props. what is the host's name? she's so meh. happy with the winner. loved the final shows. but project runway is no project runway without tim gunn. he's integral.

16 hour long haul non-stop filming and we wrapped up our motion piece last night (morning?). hooray! now to edit the thing. the akh sort of looked like a bomb went off. and today it's time to finish my bfa show, answer lots and lots of emails, and grab some cereal. it's almost spring. life seems so much more productive when it's almost spring.


  1. Holy smokes. I do not know how you do it all


    Thanks for taking time out for the girls night. It was SO FUN.

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves gale.


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