a goal.

i've been nostalgic lately. life changes so quickly, and all of the sudden i'm twenty four years old and looking around and saying wait a second... how did i get here? i wish i'd documented more. taken more photos. written more stories. but i never feel like i have enough time. so i have a new goal. i'm going to take fifteen minutes to write something everyday. even if it means ending mid-sentence to get back to the eighty-seven other things on my teux-deux list (so many hyphens. probably too many).

on friday night mike was up at youth conference. he's really the perfect person to be working with the fourteen year olds. since he was gone, i stayed late at school and then headed over to my parents to watch a movie. which means i fell asleep at nine and woke up an hour later to a downton abbey marathon. my parents have great taste in tv. naturally i started re-watching the rest of season one with them. until midnight. then one o'clock. then two. at two, my mom caved and went to bed. but my dad stayed up with me and we kept watching until five. five. it was so amazing. i really love my parents. (in high school my mom and all my sisters were obsessed with gilmore girls. the new episodes aired every tuesday night, and if we didn't watch it tuesday she would call us as we drove to school on wednesday and tell us to turn around to come watch it with her. best parents.) and then after my dad went to bed at five i went home and showered, grabbed a bowl of cereal and some girl scout cookies and headed back to school.

oh, school. we are so close to graduating. mike's been busy, i've been busy, and as excited as we are to reaching the finish line, i'm also getting a little bit sad. i'm going to miss my projects, my class, and my professors. i wish everyone could go through the bfa.

i ordered six boxes of girl scout cookies. they reside by our bed (my side of course) and greet me happily every morning. two thin mints, one samoa. favorite new breakfast.

the neon has a new trick. if i lift my foot off the brake just right when it's idling at an intersection it dies. dead. gone. the first time it was a little surprising, but now that it's happened a few more times it's made me a much more attentive driver. keeps you on your toes.

for about three hours last friday we reached our new savings goal. it was so exciting. but we only met it by about $6 so when we had to buy gas later we dipped below it again. but still. dave ramsey would be so proud. and then he would probably tell us to buy bikes to save gas money. problematic, since mike doesn't let me ride a bike. too fearful of other's safety.


  1. I heart this new goal. Ill be looking for your posts everyday while me children are napping and I pretend that I can't do anything else because "the noise would wake the kids up"

  2. downton abbey is the best.
    worth staying up until five in the morning.

  3. I love the Downton Abbey story. Your parents are SO amazing! Haha. And I love your new goal because I love the stories you tell!

    And I love Samoas. Mmmmm.... Samoas.....

  4. good for Mike. i've been with you behind the wheel and you must be worse behind handle bars.


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