11310. and counting.

photo with the iphone. i will dedicate some other post to my absolute adoration for that magical little box.

two weeks ago annie and i did a very mini bridal show. le chateau invited us to be one of their "preferred vendors" (so fancy, eh?) for a catering event they put on. naturally, we were more than happy to show up with some of our invitations and hit the food tables up multiple times. we also met the most hilarious wedding vendors. it felt good to swap crazy wedding stories with them, like we were all a part of some secret club. it also made us a feel just a little bit more official. like we're not just two sister-in-laws that yell "oh! pretty!" every time we see new paper samples.

tonight we're eating hamburger helper. i don't know, but my initial impression is that a talking glove isn't very trustworthy. i fought back the urge to say "and please bless that this freeze-dried meal isn't cancerous" when we prayed. keeping our fingers crossed.

and now, modern family. love wednesday nights.


  1. We used to eat Hamburger Helper all the time when I was younger. And it wasn't bad. But I have not made it one single time since I moved out at 18. I think that says something in itself.

  2. I am so proud of you guys and what you've done with this business. You are amazing!!

  3. Sara, you haven't updated your blog in like forever and then you weren't in class yesterday, are you ok?


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