a saga

me. my byu student id card.

we are not friends.

because, really, could you be friends with something that had a picture of you looking like this?

i suppose it's my own fault. but, the photo plus the fact that the card never worked, for anything, made me resent it a little.

i have watched longingly as all my friends used their id cards to do magical things. like clock in and out at work. and get in the letterpress lab all on their own without banging on the door for ten minutes. i even witnessed them buy ice cream from the vending machines. ice cream! a swipe from the card, and the possibilities were endless. oh the envy.

last week, i finally took action and found out that my card had been reported lost/stolen. so i reported it un-lost/stolen. and then i ran straight to the vending machine! naturally. i bought that little cup of creamery ice cream. and it was glorious.

ten minutes later, i received this email in my inbox:

alas, i knew it was too good to be true.


  1. Oh Sara, stuff like this always happens to you! thanks for the chuckle, I hope next time it lasts longer than it did this time!

  2. um, pretty sure that picture is gorgeous. That's one thing I miss about byu, the meal plan and the id card. :)

  3. WHAAAAT? Ice cream in a vending machine, bought with a swipe of a card? It's like my dream come true! Problem is, I doubt I ever meet the 'Dress and Grooming standards'. :)

  4. I love your blog and your stories. I miss you! (As always.)


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