i'm not even sure i know 500 people...

a few days ago the 500th poster was sold. 500? i almost cried. considering i still do a giddy-skip-around-the-room each time i get an order an emotional response was not completely unexpected. i wanted to do something since that seemed like a pretty good milestone. ideally i would send everyone who has ever ordered a free poster, but i don't have enough mailers on hand for that. so there's a giveaway instead! with 5 winners. and a discount code. if you so desire, you can enter the giveaway at www.avintageposter.blogspot.com and if you blog about it you get dos entries! considering i don't know very many people, if you get two entries your odds are pretty high you will win :)

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  1. Dude, people love you! There are super tons of entries already. :)

    Reember that time, that I told you that you were the best designer ever? I'm just here to say it again is all.

    And I want some posters but I guess I need to figure out what I want so I can tell you, eh? I'll get right on that.


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