the rest of the new york trip

i had new york photos for this post, but my phone is ten feet away and i'm pretty comfortable on the couch right now. lazy and lame. i'm a multi-tasker. but in case you were wondering about the other studios we visited in new york...

vsa partners
martha stewart <--- this is where i interviewed. i sort of heard back from them...
mcgarry bowen
brian collins
johnson & johnson
milton glaser - so cool. great advice. lots of notes. LOTS.

there was a whole heap of stress the week before scrambling to put my portfolio book together. i barely finished in time. and by barely i mean i zipped up my suitcase and ran out the door at 5:45 am with about a minute to spare. cutting things close keeps life very lively.

anyways. here is some of the work that i semi-finished last semester and wasn't too embarrassed to show:


i really love being a part of byu's program and the opportunity for such a wonderful trip... but i sure loved coming home to mike!


  1. I just wrote you this entire comment and then because my internet hates me, it ate it. Rude.

    You have to keep me posted on the internship. I know you don't have an excuse to contact me seven times a week anymore but who cares. I'll beat you up if you forget to call me. :) And let me know when you're in the mood for ice cream. I've got my treat debit card ready to go.

  2. Sar did you make that soap? It's legit!

  3. sure did! it only took six hours :)

  4. wow this is amazing! How did you make that book case thing?


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