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my class has been in nyc since wednesday morning touring studios, interviewing for internships, and wreaking havoc on unsuspecting couture stores like prada (sometimes it's embarrassing being in a group). but it has been so amazing! our professor has had an incredible design career and has some great connections out here. so far the tour has included:

robert comstock - lds fashion designer. brilliant. genius. the nicest guy with the most amazingly luscious feathered locks you will ever see. he sat us around in a circle on his studio floor and we chatted for two hours about design, life, and indian sun dances. i will probably share more of those notes later because he was so inspiring.

the moderns - a smaller design studio with a sweet new space. they have been around for about 20 years and love byu interns. definitely check out berry plus, the laundry detergent they've been working on branding, it's a cool concept and very innovative.

thomas phifer - gah! so beautiful! this is the fountainhead in real, breathing life. an architecture firm all about modernism. they are actually building the new courthouse in downtown salt lake. favorite projects are the taghkanic house and fisher's island house.

mac - super interesting. they are creatively driven (almost unheard of) and roll out 60 collections a year. we talked about the latest wonder woman inspired products, got free make-up, and saw their pop-up store in soho.

louise fili - swoon. she is my design idol. her work is sooooooooo great. her type collection is out of control. we met in her tiny studio and maybe i fought my classmates off to sit right next to her. she exceeded all my expectations. totally nice, funny, and seeing her work in person made me love it even more. i want her promo books so badly!

studioCase - the partners are byu alum who did their own thing for a bit and then started this studio. they have some pretty amazing clients. my favorite was probably the fragrance book they did for bloomingdale's last christmas. really unique and incredibly executed. after we talked with them for a few hours we had a pizza party with all the byu design alum that are still working in nyc. there were a lot! plus, the pizza was incredible. there was one with apple slices that was heavenly.

yesterday i got to spend a very relaxing day with klane and ang. we ate at jane (delicious vanilla bean french toast), shopped around soho and stroked $5,000 carpets, cheered on the cougars, and strolled through the farmer's market. i only wish mike had been there. that would have been perfect. also, i actually made a purchase at abc home that i was genuinely excited for. behold, the mini dolmen radio:

we have two more days of tours before flying home wednesday night. hooray for new york!


  1. I am soooo jealous. Uvu does a new york trip for spring break but it's really hard to get picked to go.

  2. It was soooo good to see you. It was such a fun day! Thanks for spending your day off with us. Now I want to go click on all those links. And considering the torrential downpour that is today and the freezing temps of the end of next week, we were so lucky to have gorgeous weather for walking around yesterday!

  3. Angie loved your time together, isn't it amazing that you guys will truly all be living in the same cool place very soon. My how things work out!!

  4. Ohhh man I am jealous. I'm crossing my fingers for you and Martha Stewart to hit it off. :) I love that radio, by the way! Seriously adorable.


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