this one time, martha totally walked past my desk.

and... that's the whole story. but she is having lunch with all the interns next month so i'm preparing daily with flash cards. i'm already making a list of questions i should ask... mostly i really want to know who actually updates her facebook account and twitter. does martha even know her own login? and i'm counting on the girl who asked the vp of merchandising last week so what's going to happen when martha dies? to deliver another bombshell question at the lunch. i can only imagine what she's going to come up with.

on saturday the weather was so beautiful. we packed a picnic lunch for the park and watched a co-ed softball game. i would try to explain how entertaining watching the game was, but i think co-ed softball explains it all. after, the boys played catch and ang and i headed over to the met to see the alexander mcqueen exhibit with her friend joanna. we knew it was going to be crowded, but we ended up waiting in line for almost two hours to get in. they don't allow pictures (and they are serious about it too. i almost saw a man get tackled. not kidding) but here's a little snippet of what we saw (all stolen from the mysterious workings of the internet).

it was kind of amazing. the shoes were insane. by the end, all i could think of was project runway. come soon july 28th? please?


  1. so, so, so jealous. that's all. new york sounds amaaaazing!!!

  2. ah, stop. i'm killing me all of you are out there and witnessing this. maybe i should fly out just to see this. also, i'm buying up all the seasons of project runway and watching what i've missed. MARATHON.

  3. SO cool - I'm jealous I wanna come out there and visit so bad! Lucky lucky you :)


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