spreading goodness

i was happily overwhelmed with the response i got for 'the perfect motto' print. i know my grandma would first be embarrassed that such a fuss was being made about her, but i think she would also be really happy that so many people were going to be displaying that saying in their homes. so... thank you! three cheers for spreading a little goodness. it has been a beautiful project for me to work on this past week.

in other news... we are officially packed and sitting in the airport waiting for the redeye to new york. whenever i hear redeye i think PEN! lookout! even if the guy in that movie was evil. having a pen stabbed into your throat just doesn't seem pleasant for anyone. that movie is terrifying. in fact, most airplane movies are terrifying.

also, i got a haircut. straight across bangs. am i late with this trend? only by a few years. (i still haven't gotten my head around leggings. maybe when they resurface in twenty years.) but the bangs. they made me remember when i was six and always felt like my bangs were cut too short. i would walk around with my eyebrows raised because i thought it helped. common sense is not something i have an abundance of. 


  1. Yea! I got mine yesterday and love it! It's hanging up in our office. Thanks again!

  2. YAY! I love mine! Thanks Sara! And I totally know what you mean about plane movies! You will do great in NYC! Love you!

  3. I GOT MINE! THANKS SO MUCH! It's amazing!


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