life at martha

on my first day at martha my true love gave to me....

just kidding. but it has a nice ring to it.

day 1 i did get a sweet swag bag complete with a martha mug, martha slicker (should have had that last friday when the heavens poured buckets of water on my head) loads of every magazine they publish, and a sweet id tag. that looks like this:

and it gets me in the door everyday. i was super nervous the first day. i made mike walk me right up to the revolving glass door. he held my hand the whole way... kind of like a kindergartener. they take a million and five (fifty) interns every summer for their bazillion and two departments so there were plenty of other nervous looking girls to ride the elevator with. we went through orientation where we learned about the lovely martha and answered pop quizzes about the names of her dogs (ahem: sharkey, francesca, and ghengis khan). i also learned after multiple tests that it takes the drinking fountain exactly six seconds before the water gets cold. the only semi-embarrassing thing i did that day was let my greasy plate fly off the rooftop at lunch. but only half the people were watching, and i didn't actually dive after it, which had been my first instinct.

i'm interning at the living magazine. it's amazing. i was excited for the experience, but i didn't really understand how awesome it was going to be. so far, the worst part of the job is smelling the recipes being concocted in the test kitchens while looking at pictures of glorious food all day long. but occasionally you get to eat some of the food. like today, we got cake! yes, please. oh martha, you had my heart at 'toasted marshmallow cupcake'.


  1. Stop. This is too perfect. Toasted marshmallow cupcake???? genious

  2. I love that you're loving it! Many people would kill to see the inner-workings of Martha... you are among the few, the priviledged to know her secrets. :) And I think we need to try our hand at making our own toasted marshmallow cupcake, that sounds just divine!


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