and then i ate a half-frozen chimichanga with a spoon.

i drank my first mountain dew.
my bfa show is up.
curiously, half of my big toe (the left one) is numb. it has been since mike and i spent two days putting my show up. it's rather odd. and mike doesn't believe me. but i have nerve damage people, i know it.
we finished our epic stop motion piece. and our display. it's also up.
i stayed up for a day, and a night, and a day, and a night, and a day getting my portfolio ready last week. head back to campus after dinner. work furiously until seven am with nbc playing the same office episode over and over again (oops, sorry patsy). and then run home to shower. on the third morning i got into the shower with my socks on. i'm not ashamed of it. (but it did take sixty seconds to realize that something didn't feel quite right...)
i had my last portfolio review.
i was sad (a little). i'm really going to miss the program.
i only have nine emails in my poster inbox. the last time this happened was never.
mike and i are (fake) graduating in two days.
we're really excited.
i need to get away from the blasted vending machine food. i'm afraid it will haunt me for the rest of my life.


  1. You are absolutely AMAZING Sara! Seriously amazing.

  2. Congrats! also, I need to buy some of those posters from you!

  3. Congrats! Now you have more time to meet me for lunch, eh? :) I've totally gotten in the shower with my socks on. I think I also still had underwear on. It's an odd feeling, but one you can't immediately figure out. Also, my pinky toe on my right foot goes numb, sometimes for weeks at a time. Often times, it also takes half of my second toe in into numbland. It drives me absolutely nuts. Good luck with that one. Call (or text) me sometime, okay?


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